Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday ~ Success

Started early on the generator project and J lent a hand lifting it back into the hole.  There was some struggling and swearing but it went back in the hole. While putting it back in, I reinforced the shelf it sits on so it shouldn't have any issues in 12+ ft seas.  That was just the first part of the job.  Everything had to be reconnected, checked, cleaned up but it couldn't be tested until the motor was fixed as they share a common battery. 

Several hours later, everything was reconnected and proclaimed ready to test.  I took a break and then got started on the motor.  After logically attempting to figure out how the new part was to be put in, I pulled out the manual.  To change the starter solenoid you have to remove about 1/3 of the motor including the flywheel.
Again hours later, it was time to test things.  Beth switched the battery on and one of the fans on the generator came on but nothing on the motor smoked.  I had wired one of the fans to the bilge pump circuit so a quick wire change and that was fixed.  I was so confident in my repairs on the motor I put the cover back on and lowered the motor into the water.  Beth again switched the battery on, ready to switch it back off if necessary.
I started the generator and it purred.  I switched the boat power from shore to generator and everything kept working.  I double checked the fans and bilge pump and everything was correct.  I turned off the generator and turned the key on the motor.  It started quickly, quietly and was running smooth.  The major projects are complete, the next project is cleaning up after the mess of scattering tools and supplies all over the boat but that is a job for tomorrow.
We grilled the steaks I purchased the other day and enjoyed a nice quiet evening.

This was not a one man project(s) and everyone pitched in, Jer being able to get into the hole and loosen and tighten the bolts, J for his help in lifting the generator both in and out as well as his ongoing moral support and of course Beth for bringing tools, supplies and most importantly Diet Coke and not taking things personally when I was mad at the boat and not her.  Its great that everyone helped and it was a successful project.  I sincerely hope none of us have any major projects in the near future.  Tomorrow we plan to start getting ready to leave Isla Mujeres and head to Puerto Morales and be at the El Cid Marina for a week, maybe a month.

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