Tuesday, July 26, 2011


J, J and I worked on loosening the arch so I could work on the reinforcement and then J and I went into Cancun to look for parts and a few wanted items for Beth.  The shore water fitting is a common fitting and should be available at most marine stores.  Well after several hours in Cancun and 4 marine supply stores, it isn't common in Mexico.  However, luck was with us as the solenoid for the motor was found.  The exact part number, the actual part I wanted and had been told on the phone that the part did not exist in Mexico.  Not only was there one, but two.  While the price was higher, It is now on the boat and will be installed soon.  The rest of the engine parts are shipping to Ellijay and will get shipped to us somewhere on one of our next stops.
We went to Chedraui grocery store and I hit the imported section.  Nice american type brands for that taste of home.  J and I made it back to the UltraMar ferry just as it was bording and made it back.
Our plans to head south are complicated by the dogs and apparently the cost of getting into Belize. We will continue to research this and advise on our travel plans.

Update on the SPOT tracking device.  It will be replaced under warranty but they can't ship to Mexico so that, with the remainder of engine parts will ship to Ellijay to be forwarded.  Sorry, but no tracking for awhile.

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