Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday was a really hot day, absolutely miserable to be outside in the sun.  I came to the decision, whist sitting inside the boat in the air conditioning, that I would proceed with the repairs that I could, basically fixing the starboard aft step, rudder and generator and once that was done, call upon my skills ( derived from Rube  Goldberg and MacGyver) to make good but temporary repairs to the engine and plan our departure.  I will get the necessary parts shipped to Georgia, and along with a few other goodies, have them shipped to me somewhere along our route.  Beth didn't feel good today and says she feels like she is coming down with the flu.  She stayed inside most of the day and rested.
I started the generator removal process about 7 pm and quit when it got dark.

Sunday I started on the generator project early and got everything disconnected and J came over and helped me actually remove the generator.  It currently is sitting in the cockpit.  While I have it out, I will replace the rudder line, reinforce the step, fix the shore water leak I discovered, and repair the broken wire on the bilge pump.

This series of projects are all relatively simple but complicated by the heat.  The rudder line was repaired but the leak was the shore water inlet which I broke attempting to fix so some of tomorrow will be attempting to source a new one.   Beth feels worse and is pretty sure she has the flu.
J, J, and I made a trip to the grocery to restock.  I basically got chicken soup and eggs for Beth.  She is eating which is a good sign, hopefully it will pass quickly.  After shopping J, J, and I played on the dock fishing. I hooked but did not land a barracuda.  It was just way too hot to do much so we all retired to the shade and ac of the boats.  Beth and I watched a few chic flicks.

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