Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday - Back to Cancun 7/18/2011

I got up early as usual and straightened out the tool room and Beth got up early too, it must have been 10am.
We packed up and headed toward the ferry arriving in Cancun about 2pm.  Our first stop, via bus, was Pizza Hut.  We were both craving some traditional food but Mexican Pizza Hut wasn't quite the same as USA Pizza Hut.  It was good and we devoured a large stuffed crust pizza.  From there it was a cab ride to the marine supply store where we picked up the final things needed for Second Chance and a few items for J&J.  From there a quick stop at Home Depot, vastly different from the USA Home Depot's, and then back to Las Plazas de Americas for some quick grocery shopping.  After leaving the Plaza, we inquired which bus to take back to Puerto Juarez and were told that we would have to take a bus to the terminal and transfer.  No Problem, we were getting quite good at navigating the local system.  Apparently the bus we took wasn't a bus tourists generally take as one of the other passengers inquired where we were going and why we were on this particular bus.  We explained as best we could in broken spanish and the gentleman in the next row was much better speaking english than we were in spanish and translated for us.  We were on the right bus and would get there.  After about a kilometer, the guy told us we should have gotten off 1 bus stop ago so we thanked him and scurried off the bus.  It was about rush hour, 5 pm, and the streets were crowded.  We were the only tourists in sight and everyone was checking us out.  We walked back and caught the correct bus to the port.  This bus however was a van and generally only locals used it.  We were welcomed aboard and made it back to port without issue.  Beth was craving a McDonalds ice cream and enjoyed it while waiting on the ferry.
We were treated to a lovely sunset while on the ferry back to Isla.  A quick cab ride and we were back at the marina, safe and sound.
What should have been an hour or so shopping trip, took about 6 hours including travel.  Things don't happen fast in Mexico.  We relaxed aboard, watching TV and headed to bed early.

I also checked out the SPOT and it appears to be deceased again.  I have contacted the company and will await word on getting it replaced.

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