Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I got up unusually early as I couldn't sleep so I updated the blog for the past week.  J and I again attempted to catch some bait using the cast net but neither of our techniques is very good.  J caught most of them for fishing later.  Beth got up around 11 and started cleaning and organizing the boat and J and I took the dinghy across the bay to do some fishing.  We were told red snapper and grouper were possibilities but all we caught were 2 barracuda and a needle fish.  The current was pretty strong and kept trying to push us onto land, the reef or shallow water.  We may get better details on where the good fishing is before we try again.
Beth was in the process of cleaning out the forward sail locker when we got back so I helped with that which included rinsing everything with fresh water.  We raised the spinnaker to let it dry. I really hope we get to actually use it sailing soon as it is beautiful.  J has promised pictures once we get that opportunity.

J wasn't feeling good all day so she stayed on the boat.  Beth, J, and I went into town where J purchased some medicine to hopefully make J feel better and he returned to the marina while Beth and I wandered the town looking for dinner.  We decided to treat ourselves to steak, actual beef.  You have to make sure its beef because alot of the meat here is donkey or goat.  Our steaks were pretty good, different but pretty good.  We made sure to save some for the dogs.  Some guys came up the street while we were eating and performed.

We wandered around a bit after dinner looking at the tourist shops and general life on Isla then grabbed a cab back to the marina.  The dogs are adjusting very well to staying on the boat without us.  Catie has quit climbing the TV and flipping the breakers but they are both very excited when we return.  They enjoyed the leftovers from dinner.

A little TV and an early night.

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