Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedneday - 7/20

Slept in till about 7 and got started on the outdoor projects before the heat index reached triple digits.  I got the spotlight moved and resealed as well as resealed the rub rail and deck penetrations.  That took until about lunch.
Beth worked on putting the equipment back into the sail locker as well as drying the port aft locker.  After 3, I climbed in the dinghy and started on the shady side of the boat resealing the underside of the rub rail.  What a pain working upside down.
The heat index reached triple digits and by the time I got to the sunny side of the boat, I was feeling the heat.
The second I finished, I jumped in the shower while Beth prepared her BBQ chicken.  Between working in the heat all day, the exposure to mineral spirits, I was exhausted.

J & J went to Chichen Itza today so they were missed. They returned about 9:30 pm and brought us a jaguar call.  They seemed pretty tired so we will get details tomorrow.

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