Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thurday 7/21

Thursday: John and J got up early and helped pump the water out of a dinghy on a neighboring boat. The owner hasn't been around but between the rain and wakes, it was almost sinking. J had a big submersible pump and it got it floating in under an hour. The guys on the dock invited us to breakfast / brunch. They prepared a nice pork burrito plate with coca cola. The SPOT has been confirmed as dead and now we are waiting for engine parts as well as the replacement SPOT. For those looking, we are located here.
Catie's birthday is tomorrow so J and I went shopping for party supplies while John did stuff on the boat. John suggested burgers, cake and the usual party stuff but enough for the dock. But we are ging to get Jamie (pronounced Hy-me) to get some local fish and food for the party. That adds about 4 people to the current 4 so not that big a deal and I think the staff will appreciate it.
Although I expect about 12 in all.
I got back from shopping and John had fixed the water system and generally cleaned up the tools and stuff. It is so hot during the day here, I don't know how anyone gets anything done.
After a couple hours rest and letting it cool down a bit, We all took a cab into town to check out the cemetary. The cemetary here is quite an attraction. The grave sites are all extravagantly decorated although the over all cemetary was unkempt. We did locate the grave with the skull and crossbones on it which is the plot of a pirate that settled here. After the cemetery tour, we walked around the beach area trying to decide what to have for dinner.


We finally settled on an Italian restaurant down the street and ate a light dinner.At dinner we met Nick from Chicago, a friend of J&J's that they had met on the island. We planned a whale shark watching / swimming trip at dinner. We will take Mahalo Nui out to where the commercial whale shark tours go and jump in the water with them. After a cab ride back to the boat, we all settled in as we plan to depart by 9.


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