Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday - Tropical Storm Don

I got up early to get started on the project of the day but was met with very grey skies and light rain.  After checking the weather, the tropical wave was sitting just off the coast and had gone up to an 80% chance of becoming a full tropical storm.  I was able to get the reinforcement done in between rain showers but over all little got accomplished in the way of repairs.  Beth and I watched True Blood, Season 4, Episodes 1 ~ 3. There were tons of bait fish hanging around under the dock so J, I, Julio, Francisco, David, and a couple of other guys stood on the dock, in the rain, attempting to catch fish.  J landed two of some hybrid mackerel, I landed a barracuda and David landed a nice king mackerel.

Catie attacking a bait fish

The tropical storm developed fully about 4 pm but was already a bit north of us so we were spared any real wind but it rained all day and into the night.  Hopefully what we sailed through north of Cuba and this one will be the closest we come to a tropical storm / hurricane.

About 6pm, Julio cooked up the fish and we had a very nice meal.  Julio can really cook fish, very moist, flaky and tasty.

Beth is feeling better and after resting today and a good nights sleep, she will be back at 100%.
At the moment, all is well.

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