Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Saturday & Sunday

We decided to move the boats early to El Milagro Marina. J and I were up early and I departed the dock first to head to the fuel dock.  We docked and filled up the gas tanks as well as the diesel tank for the generator.  J & J were at the dock about 5 minutes after we got there.  Fuel prices were very reasonable.  When we started to leave the dock, the motor wouldn't start.  After checking the batteries and attempting to start it again, I heard a strange noise out of the motor and saw smoke coming from the housing.  As everyone knows, things don't work once you let the smoke out.  We quickly turned the battery off and I removed the housing.  Apparently the wire to the magnetic starter switch was fried and while attempting to fix that, I noticed the actual switch burned.  The motor wasn't going to start and the hope of finding this part on the island was minimal.  J & J towed us back to the original dock at Marina Paraiso.  They left us there and headed to the new marina, about 100 yards north.
While they were docking, I hand started the motor and joined them.
We docked without incident.  The staff at Milagro came out to help us into the slip and get us connected to water and power.  Once secured, I started working on the engine and got online to find the parts.  Hopefully its just the switch and not the starter.  Parts were ordered and should be here in about a week.
The rest of the day was dedicated to relaxing so my knee might feel better.  Well, that didn't happen.  I worked on the interior of the boat and got 99% of that finished.  Maybe I could rest on Sunday.

We went into downtown Isla for dinner, via cab, and ate at a nice Italian place after browsing through a few of the shops.  There were new signs up around town proclaiming "Whale Shark season had begun" and it was a full moon.  During dinner, a parade came by with a huge inflatable Whale Shark leading the way.

After dinner we followed the parade route and came into a festival all about Whale Sharks.  We all decided we needed to take the boat out and go swim with them sometime this week.
Whale Shark Parade
We checked out a few of the booths, gathering information on where to find Whale Sharks and about them then walked to the beach for a beautiful ocean view of the full moon.  We then headed back to the boats for a good night sleep.


I was up early and started working on the blog from Key West to Mexico.  That took most of the day so in theory it was relaxing.  Beth worked on putting clothes away and straightening up the boat.  That is an ongoing project.  Monday we are planning to go to Cancun for the last of the boat parts and a Pizza Hut lunch.

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