Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday ~ Progress is made

Point of clarification regarding J & J.  J is actually J Bright, aka Wolf Bright and the captain of Mahalo Nui.  The other J, which will be referred to as Jer from now on, is his partner on this adventure and is Jerralyn Gomila.

I was up early and got started on the step/arch repair.  Because of the close quarters and working area, its pretty much a one man job.  While everyone offers support, this is a job that must pretty much be done alone. Jer is invaluable for this job however, with Beth sick, she stepped in and is small enough to fit in the locker to tighten the bolts. She came over early and got the initial bolt tightened.   It got hot quickly but I persevered.  Several layers of fiberglass and hours later, it was ready for the finish coat.  In between layers, I hit the local store for things that they don't have but did grab some really nice ribs from the corner restaurant.  About 3 pm I totally ran out of gas and crashed in the boat and in the AC.  Beth wasn't feeling much better so she stayed in all day resting.  I started back about 7:30 and Jer was needed to help. She came over and tightened the bolts that hold the arch down.  It took about 45 minutes and a gallon of sweat from both of us, but the arch is again fastened to the step.  The next steps are to add additional reinforcement and begin the re-installation of the generator.

There is weather south of us and it may prevent our new friend, John, from departing for Guatemala and may delay our departure as well.  Hopefully it will dissipate and not be an issue but we may be staying in Isla a bit longer than planned.  We are fair weather sailors from now on, hopefully only day sails and won't be leaving port without current and accurate weather reports. We have all learned that our boats can take a whipping as can the crew but just because we can take 12+ seas doesn't mean we want to.

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