Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday 9/23

J, Jerr and I were up early to sort out the starter and alternator issue.  Beth was still asleep when we left and as it should be a quick trip, I figured she could relax and enjoy the boat and the babies for a bit.  We drove to Cancun to the Yanmar dealer. Yanmar is the maker of the engine on Mahalo Nui.  We made good time and found the dealer easily.  They had a starter in stock but would have to order the alternator.  As with everything you need in Mexico, two weeks.  Two weeks is a lot like maybe two weeks, could be four, six, or never.  The other thing was apparently the parts were made of gold.  He wanted $484 USD for the starter and $1300 US for the alternator.  I have heard of robbery but this was just absurd.  Even with the insurance company supposedly reimbursing expenses, this was just too far outside of reality.  We didn't buy the starter and went to another marine supply store, not with the hopes that they would have the part but know where to go to get parts at a reasonable price.  We were told two places to check.  The first one had some ideas but didn't really offer any immediate help.  On the way to the second place, I spotted a shop that rebuilds starters and alternators.  We met Mario who disassembled both units and claimed he could rebuild them.  We figured rebuilding and working was MUCH better than shelling out $1700+.  We were concerned that it would be a few days as his shop was pretty busy but he offered to clean and rebuild both for $ 800 pesos ( about $75 US dollars )  We agreed on the price and were overjoyed when he asked us if 2 hours would be Ok to pick them up.  We eagerly agreed and headed to McDonald's for lunch.  After lunch we hit a grocery store to pick up some flavored water that Beth can't live without and then just killed time.  We returned to Mario 2 hours later and he had finished the alternator and was just finishing the starter.  I asked him if he had tested the alternator and he hadn't but said he would.  We waited about 15 minutes for him to finish.  The alternator didn't test well but he wasn't sure of all the connections but his opinion was that it wouldn't work.  The starter which he tested in front of us, worked perfectly.  We headed back to Puerto Aventuras with at least a good starter. 

It was well after dark when we got back to the marina and Beth was bored.  We all went to Subway for dinner and relaxed.  Tomorrow would be a busy day with Brenda and Leon arriving.

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