Friday, September 23, 2011

Tuesday ~ Thursday

Thursday :  J and I were working on Mahalo Nui bright and early.  It was time to get the fuel sorted out as we hoped to leave tomorrow.  The last of the onboard fuel was drained as it had been contaminated with sea water. We didn't want to chance filling the onboard tank with new fuel until it was dry and had been allowed to dry to get the crud out.  We adapted my generator diesel tank to feed, and accept the return line to his engine.  It only holds 6 gallons but with an extra 5 gallons onboard, that should be plenty to get to Isla Mujeres.  Once everything was all hooked up, we bled the fuel system and turned the key.  Nothing.  The engine wouldn't turn over.  The starter is located on the port side of the engine and after being submersed for a week, it finally gave up the ghost and locked up.  All attempts failed to get it going.  Victor, one of the local guys came over and helped J remove the alternator and starter while Jerr and I started getting the rudder that was returned this morning ready to install.  Victor and J were successful in removing the parts and they were rusty.  The alternator still spun freely but didn't produce power when tested.  The starter was locked down solid.  Victor knows someone who may be able to rebuild it locally but we are attempting to source a "new" replacement.   J joined me in the water while Victor and J worked topside to get the rudder installed.  The shop said it was straight but after installing it, it shows a slight bend to port which makes it quite hard to turn but not un-usuable. The bad news is that without a running engine, Mahalo Nui wasn't going anywhere.  With that done, we all cleaned up, J and Jerr spent some time in the office ( Gringo's Cantina ) and Beth and I joined them there for dinner.  Tonight was Karoke night and Beth sang Barbie Girl in her chipmunk voice. They didn't have her normal chipmunk song.  The knee has been feeling pretty good this week with only the occasional twinge.  One of the songs they played when no one was singing was one of the songs from our wedding and I was able to dance with Beth, something I have not done in quite awhile.  No pain while dancing nor after. 

Wednesday :  As we are supposed to be departing Friday, I spent the day getting Second Chance ready to go.  I fixed the external VHF speaker that I accidentally broke whilst in El Cid. I made the starboard bilge pump better. Installed the new weatherstripping on the forward sail locker so it won't fill with water every time a wave comes over the bow and some general straightening and cleaning.  There wasn't much we could do on Mahalo Nui until we got the rudder back which was now supposed to be tomorrow.  We started getting the fuel off the boat as the onboard fuel was contaminated.  J and Jerr took the bikes up to the grocery store and when they came back, Jerr prepared a great dinner.  We spent a quiet evening on the boat watching DVD's.

So much for getting the rudder fixed and returned.  It looks like Tomorrow which is still pretty quick considering we are in Mexico.  It was brutally hot today, no shade, little breeze.  We did little things but just couldn't muster much energy during the heat of the day.  We had taken the laundry in on Monday and J and Jerr managed to pick that up.  Spent a little time in the morning in the office.  Just tried to stay cool on the boat most of the day.  Once we got a little afternoon shade, J and I tried to get his dinghy motor running as it was locked up.  Apparently it took a wave at some point.  After much WD40 and a bit of elbow grease we got it free but she wouldn't start.  No fire and we didn't have the tools to pull the flywheel.  This would be a project for another day.  We knocked off about dusk and just before a large thunderstorm hit.  J and Jerr brought pizza back to the boat for dinner and we all relaxed.

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