Sunday, September 18, 2011


A nice lazy day starting off with rain in the morning and hot sunshine in the afternoon.  We all lazed around today.  J and Jerr went to Gringo's Cantina around noon to watch the Saints game.  Beth and I worked on the starboard bilge pump unsuccessfully and then went to Paparazzi Pizza for lunch.  We all met back at the boat late in the afternoon and watched DVD's.  Tomorrow we head to Cancun to check out the new Marina ( La Amada ) where we will might be staying when Brenda and Leon join us next Saturday.  J and Jerr are looking to get an apartment while Mahalo Nui undergoes surgery and recuperation. Hopefully the rudder for Mahalo Nui will be done and returned to us on Tuesday and we may head north on Wednesday.
Beth, Catie and Cocoa have been investigating the local wildlife.  Apparently just down the dock lives a family of Mexican Agouti.  They seem nice at a distance but get very protective when approached.  Fortunately the dogs have not gotten too close.  Beth keeps trying to get a decent picture and I will post it if she ever gets one.

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