Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The overall mood was much better with Mahalo Nui at the dock. I spent a few hours in the morning before the others were up getting the batteries on Mahalo Nui straightened out and checking systems.  I spent most of the day catching up on computer things utilizing Gringo's Cantina as my office.  J and Jerr spent the day going through the boat, removing things that were ruined, setting things that might be saved aside and generally trying to clean things up.
Beth spent the day on the boat sleeping.
Sunday afternoon I started checking out the systems on Second Chance as the house battery bank was showing an error.  It seems that one of the batteries had a dead cell and was dragging the entire system down.  As Beth and Jerr prepared dinner, I isolated the battery and removed it from the circuit.  I would have to go into Cancun to get a proper replacement tomorrow.
Mahalo Nui's onboard batteries were charging and keeping the bilge pump operational. 

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