Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday - Brenda and Leon Arrive !!

J and I were up before 6 am to install the starter and alternator.  I was working on the rudder still getting it secured and re-installing the steering points. J was working on the engine.  J hit a snag and couldn't get the bolts in and I hit a spot where it would require me to fit into a really tight spot to get the last bolts in place so we traded.  J got the bolts on the steering tight while I got the starter installed.  J proceeded to reconnect all the wires but one had broken.  I searched Second Chance for the right replacement connector and luckily I had one.
The starter was installed and I wanted to test it before installing the alternator.  A quick test revealed success !
Between both of us we got the alternator installed, belt tightened, all hoses reconnected, wires tight and we were ready to start her.  We bled the fuel system we had rigged and turned the key.  She sputtered, spat but was running.  The voltmeter showed that the alternator was producing 14 volts but she quickly cut back off.  We raised the fuel tank to the counter so gravity could help with fuel flow as the tank and fittings are minimal for this size engine and restarted her.  She roared to life, idled smoothly and even the RPM gauge was working.  Jerr had joined the work crew by this point and Beth had gotten up to enjoy the success.  Jerr put her in gear and everything sounded smooth with the exception of a warning buzzer.  Everything appeared normal except for the buzzer which indicated water pressure/flow.    I was sure we had knocked off a wire to the sensor but it wasn't readily apparent which wire.  As it was 10am, Beth and I had to get ready to head to Cancun to meet Brenda and Leon.  Jerr and J drove us up to the bus stop at 10:30 and we were off.

It took 3 buses and about 10 blocks of walking to get to the resort in Cancun.  We arrived at 1:10 pm.  Brenda and Leon arrived at 1:30 at the Royal Caribbean
Almost to the Villa

The view from the villa

Southern view from the villa

We got the room sorted out and apparently drew the lucky straw as the room is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath villa complete with kitchen on the second floor ON the beach.  The room and resort are fantastic.  We relaxed a little while and Beth insisted on showing them a few, quick, local sights.  We walked over to the Royal Islander, a sister resort next door checking out the beach and amenities and had lunch at Paco's Taco's.  Brenda tried a Grande Margarita and enjoyed it immensely.  We walked along the back street and checked out the single mayan home in between all the resorts and a few iguanas.  We then got on the local bus aka "collectivo".  This is the bus the local workers use and a few savvy tourists.  It costs $ 8.5 pesos for a trip within the hotel zone and into centro Cancun.  This particular bus was a newer one and very nice.  We went to Wal-Mart to stock up on a few accessories and see how the locals shop.  The attitude of the locals is very different from the workers at the resort.  It is just an interesting contrast.  The bus trip back was more usual.  A beat up bus, no air conditioning and a driver that was hell bent on making time.  I am pretty sure we made record time back to the resort.
We returned to the room and Beth wanted to stay and catch up while I needed to get back to the boat to get things ready to move Mahalo Nui and Second Chance north.  It was a good thing that Beth stayed in Cancun.
The trip back was uneventful but very long.  Buses don't run quite the same schedule.  I discovered that the bus from the hotel zone doesn't go to the ADO station, its a 6 block walk from the closest stop.  Instead of taking the ADO to Playa Del Carmen and switching to the local like we did when we went to Cancun, I chose the Mayab bus which went all the way to Puerto Aventuras.  It didn't leave until 11pm, so I waited around the station till 11, about an hour.  Nice bus about 1/2 full.  What I didn't realize it that they pick people up along the way, not at stations, just on the side of the road.  By the time we passed Playa Del Carmen, it was standing room only.  The next problem was that the bus stop in Puerto Aventuras is about 2 miles from the marina and now it was 1 am.  So after a nice dark walk, I arrived at the marina, woke up J and Jerr and made it to bed.

I will add some pictures later but everyone is safe and sound.

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