Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday - Frustration

No change on the state of Mahalo Nui.  It seems getting things done in Mexico is harder that you would think.  The local guys and salvage companies have never dealt with a sailboat beached like that or in this position, just powerboats.  Powerboats have a flat bottom and can have air bags put under them and floated out, a sailboat like Mahalo Nui has a 5 ft draft and is 18,000 pounds, mostly keel.  Many of the guys have theories of how it can get done but we are finding it very difficult to get anyone to commit.  We are getting very frustrated trying to get this done. Jerr is about to pull her hair out because she wants things to happen now and in the states, it would have been done by now but this is Mexico and things just work differently.  Hopefully today the seas will calm down and we can actually try to get something done.

Beth wasn't feeling well so she spent most of the day on the boat working on various things, J, Jerr and I talked with people to get the boat into the marina all day trying to get forward progress and while we have found several people that say they can help, its frustrating when nothing actually gets done.

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