Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I slept in till all of about 7 am and J and I contemplated our next move.  We started working on the steering issue trying to figure out a workaround for a part that we were told doesn't exist in Mexico.  This was one of the hotter days so most of our contemplations took place in the air conditioning.  Beth called and let us know that she, Brenda and Leon were leaving Cancun headed to us via local buses.   J and Jerr went around the marina looking for a pipe to extend the emergency tiller in the event we couldn't get the steering issue solved.  After my previous evening/morning adventure, I pretty much relaxed on the boat until Beth arrived.  Beth, Leon, Brenda and I all went for a snorkel in the beach area where Mahalo Nui was stuck for a week.  The snorkeling isn't bad there but not great either.  About dark we all showered and headed up to Gringo's for dinner.  Dinner and the company was excellent. The plan was for Leon and Brenda to head back to Cancun and Beth stay here. At about 9:30pm it was decided that Beth should guide them back through the three bus transfers given their unfamiliarity and the late hour.  Donnie, the owner of Gringo's was nice enough to give them a ride to the entrance of Puerto Aventuras where they caught the local collectivo to Playa Del Carmen.
Leon demonstrated that he could have made it without Beth's help and they arrived back in Cancun around 1am.   
The crew at Gringo's Cantina, Puerto Aventuras Mexico

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