Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday - September 1

Departure day.  Not.  The weather had not moved as anticipated and Captain J and I made the executive, and smart decision, to delay our departure by a day.  Armondo, the dockmaster, took good care of us in taking care of our paperwork.  Both crews spent the day further readying the boats for departure and relaxing as there wasn't alot to do.  Beth worked on her rug and actually finished it, 4 months after starting it.  She is feeling a bit better.  I am still getting over my cold and have had a headache all day.  This was one of the roller coaster days for the knee.  For some reason it decided to swell back up a little and be in pain.  I was told to expect days like this.  After an ice pack, it felt better


Today is actually 4 months since we left port in Savannah, GA.  We have traveled approximately 1250 nautical miles, covered three countries and are departing for our fourth.  It has been exciting, thrilling, scary, fun, expensive, interesting, and educational. We have seen the sights and gone places few people get to go. We have sipped drinks under palm trees, enjoyed swim up bars and the hospitality of strangers.  We have snorkeled with fishes and along coral reefs. We have experienced weather that most people only see on TV. We have made numerous new acquaintances and new friends. And overall, its great and will continue.

 We hope you have enjoyed following our story and hope you continue to follow us as the "Jackass Armada" continues the trek south.  Next Port of Call - Belize !
The official members of the "Jackass Armada" 

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