Wednesday, September 7, 2011


J and Jerr were awake early and checked on Mahalo Nui.  She was where she was the previous night and had not drifted.  Unfortunately the rough weather wasn't ready to cooperate to attempt to get her off the beach and the forecast wasn't hopeful for anytime soon.  J and I made numerous trips out to the boat attempting to retrieve things that were not ruined by the water already.  It was a very sad thing to watch J going through things that were just ruined, it brought back memories of when I lost the house.  Beth and Jerr made trips from the shore back to Second Chance organizing and storing things on the boat.  Immigration came by about 5 to give us our official entry papers, at least we were in the country legally. 

A few pictures of the interior of Mahalo Nui.

We all spent the afternoon moving, shifting, organizing things to fit everything onto the boat and still be able to move around.  For dinner, we had all been invited to one of the restaurants on the Puerto Aventuras property called Latitude 20+|- by the owner Peter.  Latitude 20 is a outdoor type restaurant serving really good food.  We had the cheeseburgers and it was the best burger I have had since I have been in Mexico.  That was followed by NY Cheesecake which was also excellent.  We met Steve, a project director for Puerto Aventuras and he had heard the tale of the boat on the beach but wanted the full accounting.  We relayed the story beginning with our departure from El Cid where he had worked about a month before.  He commiserated with us and told us that he would be sure to get the correct story told and would put something in the local paper.

All the people here have just been so friendly and helpful.  Where actual help isn't possible, sometimes its just nice to have others to talk to. It looks like we will be staying here for a bit.  There is a new tropical depression headed this way but hopefully it will turn north soon and won't be an issue.

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  1. Our thoughts and well wishes are with you all. The blog is good work - very real, very well written. Thank you for taking the time and effort during stressful as well as happy times. Dr. Deb.