Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was up at the crack of dawn for some reason.  With the others asleep I headed to the car rental place to head into Cancun.  The car rental place doesn't open until 9 so I had some time to kill.  It was interesting being up that early and not on the Puerto Aventuras compound.  It gave me a better view of the local life.   I took the collectivo bus to Playa Del Carmen and walked around, hit the local internet cafe then took another collectivo to Puerto Morelos.  By that time it was 9 am and my friend that runs the rental car agency there gave me a good deal and said there wouldn't be an issue returning it to Puerto Aventuras the next day.
Off to Cancun.  I stopped at Wal Mart to get a few grocery items, then Home Depot which did not have anything I wanted, then to Nauticos.  Nauticos is the "local" honda dealer and had been very helpful with the solenoid issue I had back in Isla.  They had everything I needed at about 175% of the cost in the states.  These were things needed so what choice did I have ?  On the way back I decided to drive down the Hotel Zone to get a better idea of where things were for Beth's parents, Leon and Brenda, to stay.  The Royal Caribbean is an excellent resort and centrally located.  So, back to Puerto Aventuras.  Apparently they are pretty strict on the speed in the Hotel Zone and they really don't like gringo's doing 70k in a 40kph zone.  Apparently their procedure is to take your license and make you "appear" the next day in Cancun to pay a fine and get your license back.  I didn't have time for this so 1000 pesos to the officer got me my license back and on my way.
Upon my return to the boat, My computer had developed issues.  I spent the next couple of hours fixing that and then we watched Pirates of the Caribbean, On Strange Tides.

Ruben had worked on Mahalo Nui removing the floatation and lines.  J and Jerr began assessing the actual damage.  There are several deep gouges on the hull and one main impact point that has spider cracks emanating from it.  The leak wasn't worse with the floatation removed but still needed to be addressed as the bilge pump continued to cycle.  The rudder would not swing freely from side to side so it is possible that it was bent.  Overall Mahalo Nui did pretty well considering the rocks, submersion and bouncing on the bottom for almost 6 days.  The engine still has not been checked out but should be ok. The interior that was submerged is ruined and will have to be replaced as well as all of the electrical wiring and most of the electronic systems.   The insurance company representative is supposed to be here tomorrow morning.

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