Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday - In Cancun

I rented a car and J, Jerr and I dropped off the laundry and headed to Playa Del Carmen.  We went to AutoZone to pick up some new oil and bits for Mahalo Nui.  It was my task to try and find a part to reconnect the steering cable to the steering chain while I was in Cancun with the family.  I left J and Jerr about 11am and headed to Cancun, wary of my speed as I wasn't getting stopped again in Mexico.  We all headed out as Beth wanted to show them a few of the local places.  We went to Market 28, a famous tourist market and after an hour or so of looking at all sorts of things, Beth and Brenda bought a few trinkets.  From there we stopped at a marine store where the part that might have done the trick was over $100 US. I wasn't willing to spend $100 on a maybe.  We then went to Home Depot where Leon and I came up with a maybe that was only $5.  After driving around town for awhile, we headed back to the resort.  There was a welcome cocktail party going on so we stopped in and Brenda had a few drinks.  After much discussion about where to have dinner, we got back in the car and headed to Senor Frog's of Cancun.  Leon's friend had recommended the place and it is an interesting place indeed.

It was still a bit early for the main Cancun crowd and the waiters had fun with us.

 All this before we even ordered our drinks.  After we ordered, the fun really began.
Lap dance for Leon

Then hair gel

The new "Leon"
Then it was apparently my turn.
I knew my hair was getting long, but really, a ponytail
But that wasn't all they had in store for me.

Then it was Beth's turn.

And then it was Brenda's Turn, just after her second Pina Colada

The guy at the next table was enjoying them mess with us enough to get their attention.

They dressed us very similar and then we were requested/required to Karaoke to "Feel like a Woman"

Then the balloon guy paid us a visit to adorn us with lovely balloon hat creations.

The whole Senor Frog's crew
We got to eat and the food was quite good. The entertainment continued well after we left.  A few pics taken on the way out.  By the way, Brenda was the only one drinking and she wasn't driving.

It was a GREAT night out and we headed back to the resort.  Beth and I were returning to the resort and I asked Beth to drive.  It was a straight drive car which she never learned to drive.  Guess what!  She can now.
She drove the 60 or so miles without an issue.  Once she got the hang of it, she was shifting like a pro.  The good thing was that it was a rental car so if she really messed up, well, it was a rental car.  We made it back to the marina and after Beth loved on the babies, we headed to bed.

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