Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday 10/28 - aftermath of Rina

Well the major effects of Hurricane / Tropical Storm Rina began last night near midnight.  The wind and rain were pretty bad.  It only lasted a few hours then it was just wind.  The power went our just after 11pm and was restored by 8am.  The resort has standby power so we were only without power for a short while.  There is some debris from the palm trees laying around, numerous puddles but overall, it isn't bad.  J dropped by early on the way to check his boat and I went down to check Second Chance.  She was right where I left her with everything intact.  It appears we all weathered the storm without any issues.  Right now the weather is partly cloudy and a gentle breeze.  We may still have some wind and rain on the way but nothing like last night.

The day so far has been just partly cloudy with a nice breeze.  The marina has been very busy as the exodus occurs.  We decided to leave tomorrow and spend the day getting the sail back on and packing up so we are actually ready to leave in the morning.  The resort staff is busy cleaning up all the palm fronds and other debris from the property.  I am sure by tomorrow it will be hard to tell anything happened.

We did suffer a bit of damage from the storm.  The starboard flag halyard broke and took at least 10 minutes to fix.  Everything else is perfect.

Beth was getting things ready to depart in the morning as well as checking Catie and Cocoa's costumes.

She did find a little time to enjoy being in the room with a huge bathtub

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