Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday ~ Sunday 10/15-16/11

Saturday started out very windy and rainy and stayed that way most of the day with a few breaks.  Beth and I are still sick so we were not planning on doing much.  During one of the breaks I headed to town to resupply Beth with her flavored water and pick up something for dinner.  I got chicken breasts, hamburger and ham ( or at least what passes for ham here ) to give Beth a choice for dinner.  She chose chicken quesadillas which were pretty good.  Afterwards I cleaned up and settled in for the night with the sounds of the storm outside.

Sunday:  An uneventful evening but tropical storm winds and rain all night.  Got up around 4am to check the dock lines and make sure everything was ok.  Awakened again around 8am when we heard a call for HELP on the dock.  It was J as Mahalo Nui had broken a dock line.  While there wasn't any immediate danger we all got up and reattached a new dock line while I added a few to Second Chance.  One of the guys from another boat, "Adventure", who had come in from Panama earlier in the week was on the dock and they had dragged anchor during the night and their boat was stuck in the sand/mud right up against the mangroves.  The wind was howling, pouring rain and pretty intense waves.  Jamie, Julio, J and I got on Julio's boat to go and help, hopefully pulling them free and to the marina.  Julio's boat is a small powerboat, completely open, with a 60 hp motor. Unfortunately its 60hp motor is only good for about 30hp and with the 4 of us onboard, it wasn't much.  We motored over and got a line on the Adventure but with the wind and waves, we couldn't budge her.  While we were trying we managed to get caught in the mangroves and J and Jamie got out of the boat and pushed us out. That was the end of the rescue attempt.  We didn't have enough boat to pull her free and the weather was bad.
We returned to the dock and battened down and settled in for the day as it was forecast to be nasty all day as the makings of a tropical storm was sitting on top of us.  As Beth and I are still sick, we stayed in most of the day except to take the dogs out and watched tv most of the day.  I cooked a roast which was pretty good but nowhere as good as the ones I used to make.  The good news of the day is that with all the rain the boat doesn't leak. 

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