Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday - Rina Approaches

I will be updating this page throughout the day so stay tuned.

8am CDT  Up early and checked the weather.  Rina has already lost some steam and is teetering on the edge of a tropical storm and a category 1 hurricane.  Its track continues to be northwest which will take it further inland and strip it of even more power.  They are forecasting it to be a tropical storm by the time it gets to us.  The current weather is a light sprinkle and just barely a breeze.

The really big news is that J and Jerr's insurance company has finally made a decision.  They have decided that "Mahalo Nui" is a total constructive loss.  This is sad but good news.  J and Jerr are just submitting the final documents in order to get paid.  They will have to decide to purchase a new boat somewhere here or head back to the states and look there.

With the storm, day of the dead may not be much of a celebration around here.  We can hopefully have Cocoa's 10th birthday party with everyone at El Milagro as we prepare for our departure.  We hope to be underway by November 3.

 10am CDT.  Rina has officially been downgraded to a tropical storm.  When it finally arrives at Isla it won't be much more than we had last week which was a couple of days of wind and rain.  The projected path has it hanging around for days which will just be annoying.  I went down to check on the boat while it was just sprinkling and about 1/2 way there it started pouring.  The boat is in good shape, just sitting there waiting to go somewhere.

The 4pm cdt report shows Rina diminishing even quicker.  It is a tropical storm and finally turned north. The weather here really hasn't changed, off and on again showers with a slight breeze.  We are just hanging out around the resort playing cards and watching TV.  There isn't much to do since most of the town is closed down.  

We met up with J around 6pm and went into town.  I have never seen it so deserted.  Fortunately one of our favorite restaurants was open, Don Chepo's.  We were the only customers and they were happy to see us. The food was good as always.  We hit the 7-11 and headed back to the resort.  The current weather is a light sprinkle and light breezes.  We have settled in for the night and all is well.

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