Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday ~ Sunday 10/8~9/2011

Saturday: Beth was up early to keep her nail appointment and didn't come back to the boat until about 2pm.  I used the time to update the blog, website and post pictures from September in the photo album.  While the internet here is quicker than most places we have stayed, it still takes alot of time to do that.  I also watched a good bit of TV and just generally relaxed.  I didn't get any work done on the boat but did come up with a plan of how to do a few things to further improve life on the boat.  As we will be here until early November I have time to take care of those chores.  Beth's back is bothering her again and she may seek a chiropractor on Monday.

Sunday:  I was up early and Beth was having a sleep in.  I took a stroll from the marina into town and walked the north point beach from centro all the way around to the public access beach.  Apparently Sunday is a good day for the locals to come out and play on the beach.  Nothing really going on but it killed a few hours.  When I got back to the boat, Beth was up and still feeling pretty bad.  She decided it wasn't a chiropractor issue so she took a muscle relaxer and was out for a good part of the afternoon.  She did wake up and prepare a nice meal for the dogs and I but didn't have much herself.  Hopefully we will hear from the insurance company on J&Jerr's boat tomorrow.

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