Friday, October 7, 2011

Monday ~ Friday

Monday was another relatively relaxing day.  There isn't anything to do on Mahalo Nui until we hear from the insurance company so I went on a bike ride and looked around the island. Beth decided it was the day to trim the babies and somehow I got roped into holding Catie.

J and Jerr looked at boats online in the event theirs is totaled.  We made an appointment for the babies at the vet for tomorrow.  For dinner we all headed into centro Isla and wasn't impressed. We took Hija (pronounced Eha), a dog J and Jerr were babysitting from Puerto Aventuras, as it would be our last night with her.
Hija and Sally

Hija enjoyed table service and even found a friend to play with.  Catie and Cocoa haven't really warmed to having another dog on the boat so I don't think they will miss her.We have learned that the locals get a much better rate on the cabs and ferry's so we will talk to Jamie tomorrow to get an ID card.
The sunset Monday evening

Tuesday started out kinda stormy and it proceeded to rain all day.  I checked out the inverter on Second Chance but didn't find an obvious issue so I contacted the company for advice.  I also cleaned the air conditioner but managed to kill the shop vac so thats on the shopping list for our next trip to Cancun.  Still no word from the insurance company.  Beth and I took the babies to Dr. Delphino and he remembered seeing the dogs before.  He wants us to bring a poop sample tomorrow just to make sure everything is good.  We ordered pizza delivery as it was still raining and chilled on the boat.

Wednesday:   Everyone was up early as the babies got everyone up.  I was headed into Cancun to do some shopping for things for the boat. J and Jerr were looking into an apartment nearby and Beth had to follow up with the vet.  Still nothing from the insurance company on what to do with Mahalo Nui.  I left about 9am and after the taxi, ferry, buses, taxi and ferry ride back, I returned around 3:30pm.  I managed to get about 1/2 my list purchased.  Beth returned from the vet and errands around town about 5.  While the vet didn't find anything definitive, he prescribed a pill for them.  J and Jerr were successful in locating an apartment right here at Milagro Marina so they are close by.  We relaxed watching the latest episode of Fringe.

Thursday:  Still no word from the insurance company.  We all headed into downtown Isla for a late lunch.  We dined at Rolandi's Italian place.  The food is a little expensive but very good.  We watched the locals for awhile and got even more bored.  We headed back to the marina, chatted with other sailors on the dock, exchanged a few stories and then Beth prepared a nice BBQ chicken and we all enjoyed it.  Afterwords we just relaxed.

Friday:  Another day without hearing from the insurance company and Jerr is getting pissy.  J and Jerr went into town while I worked on a few things around the boat.  Beth went into town in the afternoon to do some grocery shopping and make a nail appointment for tomorrow.  At least I got something constructive done today and may do a bit more tomorrow.  The weather here is much nicer than the last time we were here, it isn't as hot and we get a nice afternoon shower each day.  The only problem with being on Isla is that we have pretty much done everything there is to do here so we get bored easily.  Beth made a nice Beef/Pasta dish for dinner and we relaxed further by watching a couple of DVD's

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