Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monday ~ Friday

Monday Eagerly awaiting to hear from the insurance company on Mahalo Nui but only got a message that the insurance company was considering it a total loss and they would let us know in a few days.  A month has passed and they still don't have a final decision, gotta love insurance companies.  Reminds me of dealing with them when the house burned down.  We hung out around the marina, chatted with the new people that arrived but overall, we are just twiddling our thumbs and wasting time.

Tuesday  Today was another warm day.  I headed to town early to do a little shopping. This is the slow season and lots of the shops are closed.  I got back around noon but it was too hot to do much outside so we just chilled on the boat in the AC.

Wednesday:  J and Jerr still have heard nothing so they continue looking online for a new boat in the event the insurance company totals their boat.  We are all considering a road trip down to Rio Dulce to go boat shopping if they find one they like there.  Beth was feeling a bit better today and went into town.  She enjoyed a massage on the beach thinking it might help her back.

While Beth was in town, J and I took Second Chance to the fuel dock and repositioned her on the dock to minimize wakes from passing boats.  It takes up two slips this way but Jamie was ok with it as long as he knew he could move it if space was needed.
My cold is progressing the way colds do, I am feeling a bit better, maybe just a couple of more days and I will be fine.  Overall things remain quite boring. No fish around the marina.

Thursday Started off rainy which ended around noon and remained overcast all day.  No word from the insurance company and not much else to do.  J, Jerr and I went into town to rent a few videos and pick up a few things at the grocery store.  One of the guys on the dock has an additional boat that apparently broke free of its anchorage during the night and it wound up about 12 miles away on a beach north of Cancun.  Jamie and Julio went with him but failed in their rescue attempt.  I volunteered J and myself to rescue the boat tomorrow since we have such vast experience.  Jamie is going to arrange a pump as the boat is awash and no one is going to get it off the beach while its full of water.  Eric, the owner of El Milagro wants me to try to get his network working as well as the security cameras.  Its not too hard and it will give me something to do.
Beth is feeling pretty bad as her cold is at its worse.  My cold is starting to subside but we both feel miserable. My knee isn't swollen but I am feeling some pain while walking.  I think rest is the best thing for it and as I have time, rest is easy. Its fighting the boredom that takes work.

Friday:  Started out overcast and then proceeded into sporadic downpours.  The forecast doesn't look good for the day as we are sitting under a low pressure that may hang around for a couple of days. Beth was fully sick and needed to just rest.  We were watching a movie when around 11am J came down to the boat to get me as he was preparing to go rescue a boat.  It was J, Jerr, Gobi ( the boats owner ) and myself in Julio's boat.  Jamie and Julio had gotten us a pump so we loaded up the boat and we were off.  First stop the gas station to fill the 3 gas cans. 2 for the boat and one for the pump.  We then headed north to Isla Contoy where the boat had beached herself.  It is about a 27 ft monohull sailboat with a swing keel.  She was sitting upright in about 2 feet of water but the waves were breaking over her port side and had broken out the two windows in the cabin and she was full of water.  While approaching the boat, a wave caught us and pushed us onto the beach and swamped our "rescue" boat.  We were able to get it out of the waves and onto the beach without too much difficulty.  We started the pump to empty the rescue boat but couldn't get it primed so we wound up just bailing it out.  Our attention turned to the beached sailboat and how to get it emptied of water and unstuck. 
The rain had pretty much stopped but the forecast wasn't good.  We were sitting under what will probably become the next tropical depression and it wasn't moving much.  The wind was pushing the waves into the boat.  We attempted to attach a tarp from the boom to the lifelines to keep the waves from crashing into the boat.  This was somewhat successful as it slowed the ingress of water down but didn't stop it.  We put the pump on the upper deck of the boat and got it started but after trying for an hour, we couldn't get it to actually pump.  This was the same type of pump we used on Mahalo Nui so we knew what we were doing but just couldn't get it working.  Gobi rescued some of the stuff in the boat and we loaded it into our rescue boat.  There was no way we were getting this boat off the beach without getting the water out.  We all pushed the rescue boat back into the waves from the beach and began heading back to the marina.  The ride was rough with waves in the 2 to 4 ft range and an overloaded and underpowered boat.  Each wave sent water over the rail soaking us further and filling the boat with water.  Gobi kept bailing as we made the 5 mile trek back to Isla Mujeres.  We arrived soaked to the bone but safe and sound.  Jamie, Julio and the rest of the people on the dock were surprised to see us back without the other boat. 
We all got cleaned up and J and Jerr cooked up some chicken quesadillas.
I worked on the wireless for Jamie and when it began raining again, I called it a day.

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