Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday ~ Saturday

Thursday:  Beth was about as sick as she can get before allowing me to take her to the doctor.  Fortunately for her she did start showing signs of improvement as the day went on.  I left her on the boat to rest and get better but there wasn't really much going on. Still no word from the insurance company.  Somehow, one of the bikes went missing from the dock.  After a bit of searching it was on the bottom just in front of the boat.  Its unlikely it was blown in as the wind was less intense than the previous days.  Regardless, J, Jamie and the staff helped me rescue it and rinse it off.  Later that afternoon, it had a flat tire.

Friday:  J and I went into town to see if we cold get a new tube for the bicycle.  Fortunately, we found a comparable tube and new bike seats too.  We grabbed some burgers and took them back to Beth.  She was feeling a bit better and was actually hungry.  Still nothing from the insurance company other than we should have a decision soon.  ARRRG.  I started on the bicycles and got the seats replaced but the tire took a little longer than it should have so darkness came before I finished.

Saturday.  I finished the bikes and headed off to Cancun to pick up some parts for the boat and possibly some things we can't find on the island.  What should have been a couple of hours of shopping took most of the day but I did get the boat parts.  The knee was pretty sore by the time I got on the ferry back to Isla. When I got back, Eric the owner of El Milagro, was having a little party and everyone was in a festive mood.  The parties at El Milagro are always good parties and generally there is one every couple of weeks.  They will be hosting Cocoa's birthday party next Saturday.  Beth and I snacked on some of the provided goodies and headed back to the boat.  Beth had cleaned up the boat some and made spaghetti sauce for a nice spaghetti dinner.  A very good indication that she is feeling much better.  We decided it was time to start getting things organized for departure.  We want to stay here to check out the Día de los Muertos here on Isla.  Its more of a week celebration than just a day.  It ends on November 2.

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