Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday ~ Wednesday

Monday was another exciting day. Not !
The majority of the storm had passed over us in the night so the morning was much calmer, not raining but still overcast.  Jamie and Julio had enlisted the aid of another fishing boat around 7 am and helped get Bill and Ryan, the father and son sailing up from Panama, get out of the mud and mangroves.  They successfully pulled them free around 10 am and by 11 they were safely tied up to the dock.  Still no word from Mahalo Nui's insurance company.  Around 1pm .J, Jerr, Gabe, and I decided to take Julio's boat out to Isla Contoy to see how Gabe's boat had weathered the storm.  It is about a 45 min ride to Isla Contoy in Julio's boat.  We had a problem locating the boat even though it hadn't moved.  The waves were much higher than when we were here last and had completely buried the boat in the sand.  The mast was off and we eventually saw that the boat had broken apart and was almost completely submerged in sand.  There wasn't anything left to rescue so we returned back to the dock.  Beth was feeling worse so we stayed in the rest of the day.  I began feeling better so hopefully the worst part of my cold is over.

Tuesday  Still nothing from the insurance company.  They email and say they expect a decision that day but they don't actually do anything. Very Frustrating !!  Beth was feeling worse so we left her on the boat to rest.  The back wheel on one of the bicycles lost its bearings and J and Jerr remembered seeing a bike shop in town so we headed into town to get new parts.  We found the bike shop easily and the parts were a total $2.  Since that didn't take any time at all, we wandered around town for a little while and when it started raining, we ducked into a cafe and had lunch.  Once the rain stopped we headed to pick up some flavored water for Beth, checked on our UltraMar passes and headed back to the marina.  I fixed the bike and tested it out so they are all ready to go again.  We ordered Pizza Rock's two for Tuesday for dinner.  Still the best on the island and at a two for one price, can't be beat. The storm has moved on but the wind remains.  It has switched to coming from the south and we were getting a pretty rough ride at the dock.  It was actually rougher with the wind from the south than the entire storm.  While walking the dogs for the last time of the day, I noticed a guy at the next marina struggling with a boat that had broken free in the wind.  I went over to offer assistance and once that was done, I stepped off the dock and into a hole twisting my right ankle and going down hard on my left knee.  The pain was excruciating and the dogs were no help at all.  Being 11pm or so, there wasn't anyone to help.  After laying on the beach for a few minutes, I hobbled back to the boat with the dogs.  The knee was already swelling but the ankle seemed ok.  I rinsed all the sand off in the shower and we headed to bed.

Wednesday:  The winds were worse and the boat was really getting rocked.  J and Jerr had left for Cancun early.  A couple of the guys on the dock helped us reposition the boat and dock lines so it wouldn't rock so badly.  My ankle was ok but the knee was a source of constant pain and the cane came out of hiding. J and Jerr returned from Cancun about mid afternoon, still not having heard anything from the insurance company.  A mutual friend of ours in Rio Dulce found a boat they may want to look into should the insurance company actually total theirs.  Beth wasn't feeling much better so we were pretty much vegetables all day in front of the TV.

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