Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday 10/26/2011 The Calm before the storm.

I was up at 5am and checked the weather on the computer, no major changes there.  I went outside and could see stars with just a few clouds and then went back to bed.  The morning was sunny and very nice.  I took a few pics around the property.

Around 10am, the dockmaster called and wanted me to move the boat to another slip.  There were three sailboats next to each other and one of the owners was overly concerned that should the wind and waves start pitching the boat that the masts could hit and create a bigger issue.  While that scenerio was unlikely, it did make sense so I agreed and headed down to move the boat while Beth took a bath.  The dockmaster had about 5 guys to help so it was nice and easy.  The wind was minimal and I was able to back it out of the slip and into the new one without any problem.  The guys retied all the dock lines and even added a few more so Second Chance is really well secured.  About the time we were all finished, a shower popped up but only lasted about 15 minutes.  Beth headed into town to order the cake for Cocoa Birthday party which is now Sunday evening, weather permitting.  Checking the latest weather, the storm has actually been downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane and is expected to weaken further before it gets to us.  It should only be tropical storm strength by the time it gets here in the early morning hours ( 1 am ) Friday morning.  We are constantly watching the reports and as long as power and the internet stay on, we will have information.   The 7pm report is keeping its forecast track to the west of us which is very good as well as being a tropical storm when it hits.

So for the most part, we are relaxing in a very nice resort in paradise.  Due to the storm the resturant is closed so we might have to order delivery again.  The good news is that Beth and I both are both better so at least we won't be facing the storm sick.  We will keep you posted as things develop.

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