Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday ~ Monday

Sunday was a good lazy day.  I got the new fuel filters installed and hung around the marina working with Eric, Jamie and Julio on the construction of a concrete umbrella.  Not sure how sound building an umbrella out of concrete is yet but that will be checked out on Monday when the concrete guys come back.  All we did was build a mold.  Beth slept most of the day which is good.  When she got up she was feeling a bit better and we went into town for a late lunch/early supper.  We tried a new place and the food was pretty good.  I think we have tried about everywhere on the island now.  Our intentions were to work on getting the boat ready for its next trip but the ice maker quit working so I worked on that but couldn't find the issue.  Will play with that more tomorrow.  We relaxed watching TV until bedtime.

Monday.  Our friends down in Rio Dulce shot us an email that alerted us to a storm heading this way.  Right now its just a tropical storm but forecasts have it turning into a hurricane and heading right for us.

 I headed to the grocery store to get food for the boat.  I guess its a leftover habit from living in those areas that get snow.  Snow in the forecast run to the store and buy bread and milk.  Either way, we needed stuff on the boat.  Currently the plan is to wait an see what tomorrow holds.  We have a reservation at the yacht club which is in the hurricane hole ( a protected lagoon ) at the Isla Yacht Club as well as a hotel room for Friday night just in case.  The forecast actually got worse later in the day.

 Now it appears to be aiming for a direct hit on Isla Mujeres.  If that happens I suppose the officials will order everyone off the Island and to Cancun to ride out the storm.  Right now, we just wait and see.  J and Jerr got all their stuff off their boat and our boat and are going to try to get their boat hauled out for the storm.  Still no word from the insurance company.

As for the storm, there are at least 5 computer models of where it could go.  2 scenarios have it cutting across the Yucatan peninsula and missing us completely, 2 have it missing us to the east and of course, the one above.

Beth cooked dinner, we watched TV, listened to the wind outside, did the dishes and waited for the next forecast.  It didn't improve.

There are still numerous models that have it going in different directions and only time will tell.  As it stands at the moment, we will be taking the boat to the Yacht Club either late tomorrow or early Wednesday as a safety precaution ( $45 per night ) .  The associated resort has a room, which we can bring the babies, for $50 per night as it is the low season.  Keep your fingers crossed for us and we will keep you posted.

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