Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday - In Cancun with Brenda and Leon

Ah, Waking up in a fantastic resort with central air.  Very nice but honestly, I miss the boat and the babies.
Brenda, Leon and I chatted for a few hours before they had to leave and Beth slept until about 11am. Beth and I roamed around the resort and had a nice lunch.  Brenda and Leon returned around 3pm and we hung out in the lovely air conditioning for the afternoon.  We heard from J and Jerr and the insurance guy met them and it is still unclear what they are going to do but the insurance guy did say to expect a decision by Tuesday.  Apparently the power was cut off around 8 am to the section of Isla Mujeres where we have the boat docked and J and Jerr tried to keep cool and keep the babies cool.  The power didn't come back on until 11pm.  Neither of us thought about the fridge so we lost a few things.  Meanwhile, Leon, Brenda, Beth and I were out on the town for their last night.  We took them to the "strip/Vegas" section of Cancun and went to dinner at Caminero's for their best meal thus far. 
Us with the whole Caminero's crew
Brenda enjoyed taking pictures of everything and was such an obvious tourist it was almost embarrassing.  We thought about hitting a club but it was already 11 so we headed back to the resort. 

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