Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday morning J, Jerr and I were up early and took the rental car into Cancun for some last minute supplies from Home Depot and the grocery store.  We got back about 9:30 and then I returned the rental car.  Beth was having a sleep in day and I actually took a nap after I got back.  Around 3 Beth started the laundry and I worked on cleaning and organizing the boat.  We had a nice burrito dinner and watched a couple of movies on DVD.  My cold was getting better, just a cough but it looks like Beth was coming down with it.

A storm on the horizon was due to hit in the evening and continue most of the day tomorrow.  I closed the hatches and checked the dock lines to make sure we wouldn't go anywhere we didn't want to. We got some good wind and rain but everything was tight so everything was as it should be.

Wednesday preparations were made to depart on Thursday.  J and I filed all the paperwork to exit Mexico and enter Belize.  I replaced the XM antenna and accidentally broke the external VHF speaker wire.  It seems fix one thing, break another.  I secured things on deck and the storm broke.  I would guess we had 30 mph winds and pretty hard rain but it didn't last too long.  It looks like this little system may turn into TD9 which might be a hurricane by the time it gets into the gulf.  Fortunately it shouldn't bother us while we head south and TD Katia which will soon be a hurricane is far enough east, and headed northerly that it shouldn't be an issue.  Valorie from David Lau's is heading to the states soon and we wanted to see her before we left so we went into town for dinner.  The food was great as always.  If you are ever in Puerto Morelos, you have to stop in here for a meal.

John, Beth, Valorie, Sally, Jerr and J at David Lau's Puerto Morelos Mexico
We hit the local grocery store for those last minute necessities as we will be "out to sea" for a few days before we get into port in Belize.  The trip, with stops, should take about 4~5 days so things may not get updated until we get into port.  The SPOT should show our current track.

There is a replica of one of the local ruins in the Square and Sally was able to climb to the top.

Afterwards we took a cab back to the marina and got ready to depart but the storms were not through yet and we got more wind and rain.

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