Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cruising Again - June 2

We left the dock at 8 am and headed back into the Okeechobee waterway toward Ft. Myers.

Bob came out and helped us push off the dock.
Approaching Ft. Myers
We motored until we passed the Sanibel Lighthouse then put up full sail and turned the motor off.  Not a sound but the boat against the water and the wind.  Winds were 15 knots early in the day and topped out around 25 knots by 6 pm.  We made great time covering 53 miles with smooth seas and a bright clear day.

Passing the Sanibel Lighthouse

Nothing but water to starboard
What a beautiful day !

I tried trolling along the way but nothing hit so Beth decided ham was for dinner.  Didn't matter to me, I love ham.
On approach into the Naples area
We opted for a marina in Naples to give the boat a good washdown, fill up the water tanks, pumpout and fuel up.  Naples is a bit expensive but the Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club is very nice and the closest marina to the inlet. 
Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club
We docked without incident and the dogs were ready to go for a walk.  They still have an issue using the bathroom on the boat.  I had a much deserved shower while Beth prepared the ham for dinner and after dinner, Beth jumped in the shower and we relaxed watching a bit of TV.

I checked the tracking progress and it appears to work quite well.  The government system of AIS still shows us in Port Canaveral.  All we have to do is remember to hit the button each day.
Update on the sunglasses for the dogs.  They actually look pretty cute on the dogs, pictures coming, but they don't care for them and take them off as soon as they get the chance.  Cocoa seems to tolerate his better than Catie does.

Tomorrow we will head for the keys.

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