Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday I headed out early to go to "Fixed Gears", the local bike shop that I had contacted on Monday to get new tires for the bikes.  Supposedly they were ordered and would be in on Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday.  I had not heard from them so I rode down to their store.  The tires had not come in so I got my deposit back and went riding around the island for a different bike shop.  I came across "The Bike Shop" on Truman and they were most helpful.  They had tires in stock and since I was buying 4, they gave me a reasonable deal.
I returned to the dock with the new tires, not an easy feat riding a bike carrying 4 tires.  I spent the remainder of the morning working on changing tires but just after noon, Beth got up and progress on the tires was suspended for a nap.  I finished the tires and all adjustments by early evening and Beth and I relaxed watching some TV after dinner.  Another glorious sunset.

Sunday J and I worked on the power issue on his boat.  The hardest part was figuring out what had been done and why.  They have a Heart Freedom inverter and a NextGen generator.  Once I figured out how everything was wired and why, reading a couple of manuals,  the issue they were having became apparent.  The generator was producing 140 volts and the inverter was cutting out.  After reading the generator manual on how to adjust the voltage, it was discovered that there was a loose bolt on the throttle assembly and it was the wrong bolt as well.  After changing the bolt and making a minor adjustment everything was tested and worked perfectly off shore power as well as the generator.

Beth and I decided that since it was overcast and not broiling hot we would take the bike tour of Key West.
We toured Mallory Square, the shops, and all over.  We stopped at Denny's for a snack and then headed back to meet J & J at the Commodore for happy hour.

Pictures from around Key West  ( Remember, clicking on a picture gives you a larger picture )

Oh look, a chicken

After returning from our trip, we had a light dinner and took the babies out for ice cream.

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