Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday June 22

It was another scorching day.  While the actual temperature may not be that high, the "feels like" temperature is killer.  Supposedly, the high was 87 degrees F ( 30.5 C ) but the "feels like" temp is 98 degrees F ( 36.6 C ).  There was little wind at the dock which just made it miserable to be outside.  So, we pretty much stayed in today.  Beth worked on her rug and I updated the gallery photos, worked on re-posting the wedding videos and did some computer work.
Prior to all that, J & J left the dock to head up the keys for a few days until conditions are right for our little group to make the jump to Mexico.  They called after about 30 minutes after they left to let me know that they had been running the engine pretty hard and no overheating.  Proven success on the overheating issue.  That was very welcome news as neither of us want engine trouble on the way to Mexico.

I straightened out the snorkel gear and put all the lifelines in place while Beth worked on the rug.  We turned the boat around at the dock so most of the wakes left by the inconsiderate boaters ( mainly commercial ) would be taken better bow first.  All in all a quiet day and evening.

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