Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday - June 28 - Anniversary

It started out overcast and cooler than it has been which was a very welcome change.  I got the mail run done early and out of the way.  The packages showed up by mid afternoon so everything was going according to plan.
We rode our bikes down to Duval for our last night in town for our anniversary dinner but the sun had come out and the humidity was high so we opted for a taxi to take us to Outback.  The same restaurant we actually celebrated our 1st anniversary at, just a different location.  After dinner we did some last minute shopping at Publix and came back to the boat.  Just after arriving back on the dock, the power went out.  Not just the power on the boat, or the dock, but the island.  It was a bit weird but it came back on about 15 minutes later and all is well.

The boat is ready, the crew is ready and the weather is favorable so we will be departing Key West tomorrow morning.  There will be no internet for at least a week but I will try to post a "check in" message daily.

Also, the cell phone will not work after tomorrow so leave messages on the boat phone if you need to contact us or call us on Skype once we get internet back.

The next chapter in the adventure begins !!

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