Sunday, June 12, 2011


 Today was a really good day.   Actually made some progress on the chores around the boat.  I got the dinghy registration numbers painted on the hull because the sticky numbers were already peeling off.  A nice couple from Dahlonega was docked here and had just painted theirs, they gave me the stencils to do mine and it looks better too.

While I had the dinghy out, it was a good time to change the oil, oil filter and anode on the main Honda.  This was a little bit of a challenge doing it in the water as I did not want to spill a drop in the crystal clear waters of Key West.  With all precautions in place I did really well until it came time to change the oil filter but overall it was a pretty easy job.  Beth and I re-did a little rigging to lift the motor out of the water a little more.  Beth stained the new support poles for the canvas shades and we cleaned up the boat.  Just one more berth to clean/straighten and maybe we can keep it organized.

We met J & J, a nice couple from New Orleans whose travel plans coincide with ours.  We sat on the boat for a couple of hours telling stories of past adventures and which ones we are looking forward to.
I believe that we will depart Key West together in a couple of weeks together and head for the same destination.  It is always better to have another boat within radio range for company, security and safety.  A business proposal was brought up for a possible venture in Belize which warrants more discussion but on the surface, certaintly holds promise.  I will keep you posted.

Tomorrow is the Pridefest parade and we will be taking the camera so that should give you something to look forward to.

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