Monday, June 27, 2011

Friday ~ Saturday ~ Sunday

I managed to get a few chores done today, fortunately the list is growing small which means our departure from the US is growing nearer.  With our anniversary on Tuesday, we hope to leave Wednesday provided our last package comes in.
We went out Friday night for a supposed Improv Comedy show only to find that the poster I read advertising it was old and they didn't have the show anymore.  We rode around the Mallory Square area and then opted for Chinese food for dinner

Saturday started out overcast but cleared quickly, and when it cleared, it got hot.  I got a few supplies to work on the damage caused by Briar Patch and worked on fixing that.  I wasn't feeling so great so we pretty much laid around most of the day.  Beth straightened up the boat and then proceeded to give the dogs a trim.  She had done it about two months ago but they needed it again.  We had  a nice dinner and relaxed with TV.

Sunday. We packed up the dogs in the trailer and headed off for the beach.  To our surprise, The Key West beach is NO DOGS ALLOWED.  It also smelled really bad.  There were tons of sea grass washed up on the beach and rotting.  We did a drive by tour and found a real treat, Dairy Queen.  Beth, I and the dogs enjoyed a tasty treat.  After that we headed back to the air conditioning of the boat to cool off and relax.

I think we have both had enough of Key West so as soon as our package arrives, providing the weather is good, we will depart for points south.

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