Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday ( 6-23)

Wow, do I ever miss broadband.  It has taken the better part of the day to upload the wedding videos to the website so they stream.  BTW, if you have never seen it, at least watch the Wedding Video.  Its not many people that have such a unique processional.

I fixed the 50A to 30A shore power adapter today and by the time I finished that, it was too hot to do much else so Beth and I relaxed, she worked on the rug while I napped.  This evening we rode our bikes to the store for groceries but more importantly, we went to dinner at McDonalds.  We were both craving some proper sweet tea and Beth wanted fries. There are several things that we will miss but an equal amount of things we won't miss.
After all, Mexico has McDonalds. 

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