Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 17 - Friday

Friday was a really productive day. I double checked the shower sump repairs and everything there was good, no more water in the hull.  I got the SSB/GPS interface installed and got the starboard aft berth cleaned out.  While cleaning the berth, I flushed the fresh water system and got the wash down pump working.  The wash down pump feeds a hose in the cockpit with either raw water or fresh water.  It seems the pressure switch had gotten stuck so it was a pretty easy fix.  Now Beth can hose off the dogs in the cockpit instead of hauling wet dogs through the boat to the shower.  I also got the scuba tank checked out and filled with air as well as fitting a new BC to it.  The BC was something that never got replaced after the house fire so the expense was justified.
Divers Direct has a location on the island so I actually got better pricing than I found online.  Now we are scuba equipped and I will introduce Beth to scuba and hopefully she can get certified once we get south.

J&J returned to the dock this morning from their mooring out at Sand Key but the engine overheating issue was still there as well as a generator issue.  Boats always have issues and after all BOAT stand for Bring On Another Thousand.  We discussed possibilities and will work on things over the weekend.  The big deal of the day was that we were all going out.  Friday Night in Key West !  Debbie who is also docked here joined us on our night out.  She is from Gulfport, Fl.

We all decided to go to Amigo's Mexican restaurant for dinner.  It is a very nice open air type place with supposedly authentic mexican food.  The food was average but the slogan on their cups, shirts, menu's and posted all over is quite good.
Once you've ruined your reputation, you can live quite freely

We had discussed going to 801 for the drag show or going to Hog's Breath Bar for an Improv show.

J, J, Beth, John, and Debbie at the 801 Club
We chose the 801 club.  Below are pictures from the club.

Can you believe that they are Drag Queens?

J & J left after the first show but Debbie, Beth and I stayed for the 2nd show.  We left about 1 am and made our way back to the dock.

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