Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 16 - Thursday

Thursday should have been a lazy day but the port hull was full of water and things like that demand attention. It seems that the shower drain wasn't doing it's job. Unfortunately, the shower sump is located between access panels in the port hull and it takes about 1/2 hour just to get to it. I decided while I was working on it to replace the hoses that went from the shower drain to the sump as well as actually fix the problem. After taking everything apart, checking its operation, replacing the hoses and putting it back in, I ran the shower for about 10 min and it promptly filled up. The sump is supposed to be automatic and it wasn't. The manual override worked. After removing it a second time, it was an intermittent float switch. Fortunately West Marine is just across the street and had the exact replacement part. I changed that out and spent another 1/2 hour putting it back in, tightening all the hoses and making the electrical connections. I ran the shower for about 1/2 hour and watched as it pumped exactly like it was supposed to. I took the opportunity to add a high water alarm to each hull.
Beth made spaghetti and we relaxed in the evening.

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