Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday & Tuesday ( June 20/21 )

Monday was a beautiful day.  I ran some errands in the morning then  J and I worked on the boat trying to get the overheating issue figured out.  The thermostat was removed and it seemed to work ok at the dock.  We planned a sunset sail to test things out.
I got the tool room straightened out and the parts for Beth front wheel installed.  Other than being hot, things went pretty well.  We all departed the dock just after 6 pm for our sunset sail.  We had just passed Mallory Square when the overheat sensor sounded.  The engine was quickly shut off and it was indeed hot.  J put up the sails and we had a nice sail, arriving back at the dock right at sunset.

The overheating issue was perplexing but we all decided chinese food was the plan while we pondered the possibilities.  The food was good and just a short walk from the dock.

Tuesday started off working on J & J's boat.  It was time to get the engine issue figured out.  Everyone we talked to suggested things we had already tried.  It was all leading up to a heat exchanger issue as the amount of water passing through just wasn't enough to keep the engine cool.  We started working on the output from the heat exchanger and found where one of the hoses was cut too short and clamped badly which created a small leak which was leaving salt residue on the engine.  While this wasn't the problem, it needed correcting.  While we were getting parts to repair that, J had called one of the experts to come out and troubleshoot.  Paxton arrived and was very friendly and knowledgeable.  He quickly came to the conclusion that the raw water inlet hose was the wrong type and was compressing when the suction from the pump got higher as the RPM's got higher.  He suggested changing that hose as well as adding a loop vent to the output side of the heat exchanger as well as pulling the prop vent off the initial supply instead of the output.  He was surprised that the installer had not done this as it was just a sloppy install.  The original installation was by some yacht company up in New Orleans, LA.  I will get the name and pass it on to make sure no one else uses them as apparently they take short cuts and do not perform professional installations.  J and I went shopping for all the parts we would need to install the new hoses, the loop vent and make connections the right way.  Some of the original fittings were original to the boat and went from 5/8" to 1/2" on the inlet side.  We refitted everything with 3/4" fittings which would give a much better supply.  After about an hour of shopping, and 2 hours of installation, we were replacing the final hose from the thru hull to the strainer which appeared to have not been replaced when the new engine was installed when we found the fitting packed with gunk.  After replacing this hose and upgrading the fittings to 3/4", we had a positive flow to the strainer.  Everything was tightened and finally the engine started.  We checked everything for leaks and most importantly, the water flow from the exhaust.  She was pouring water from the exhaust like a hose.  Finally, we were convinced we have solved the issue.

It was mid afternoon by the time we concluded and Beth and I went to the pool for celebratory drinks and lunch.  The pool water was very warm and not really refreshing but the drinks were good.  The pool is located at Dante's which is a resturant/bar.  It was still quite hot so we didn't stay too long before we returned to the boat.

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