Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday 6/27

Monday was a really good day.  Hot as usual but we got alot of things done preparing for departure.  I changed the exhaust on the generator which made it a lot quieter.  Basically I redirected the exhaust so the sound wouldn't bounce between the hulls and now it will bother who ever happens to be behind us.  Beth did laundry and cleaned up the boat.  I made the bike ride to Home Depot and had the most successful shopping trip yet on this island.  I actually got everything I needed. 

We invited J & J over for dinner and I prepared pork chops. Cooking such a meal aboard the boat was a bit of a challenge but everything turned out very well.  We discussed our departure plans and as long as the tracking is accurate, we will be leaving on Wednesday.  Once we leave we will be out of touch for about a week as we make our way to Mexico.  Also, when we leave Key West, there are no more provisions until we get to Mexico.  We plan to sail to the Marquesas Keys, then on to the Dry Tortugas, then we will make the big hop over to Isla Mujeres, Mexico with one other possible stop along the way.  The GPS tracking should work most of the time but we will not have any way to check, no internet, no cell phones.

We will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary Tuesday and be more than ready to depart Key West.

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