Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday - Back on the boat - 8/19/2011

A restful night on the boat.  I was up around 7 and took a short walk. J was nice enough to take the dogs up to shore so I didn't have to walk the entire way.  Beth got up about 8:30 as she and Jerr were going to town to do some grocery shopping.  Armondo, the harbor master, was taking his boat out of the water today so that should provide some entertainment.  Beth, J, and Jerr headed off to Cancun since they still had the rental car to do some shopping around 10.  I watched them take Armondo's boat out of the water around 11 but wasn't feeling great.

Armondo's boat lift went off smoothly from my vantage point and didn't provide the entertainment I had hoped for.  I stayed on the boat, burning DVD's and napping until Beth returned around 1:30.  They had found a new store with great selection and good prices so she stocked up on everything.  The remainder of the afternoon was spent watching TV and relaxing.  The knee is still pretty swollen and moderate pain.  For some reason I just felt really blah so rest was the plan for the day.  Beth made cheese burgers for dinner and we both turned in early.

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