Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Friday - Last Day in Isla

Since the major projects on the boat were completed, we decided we would head south on Saturday.  I got up early and put away all the tools and supplies.  I got Beth up about 9:30 and the plan was to coordinate a fiesta with the most excellent staff of El Milagro for that evening and head into town to rent a golf cart to take a tour of Isla Mujeres.  Beth and I took a cab into town and the first two places that rent golf carts wanted to charge us the full day rate even though it was after noon.  They were not open to negotiation so we walked away.  A couple of blocks later we found a guy willing to negotiate so we got the golf cart and headed back to the Marina to pick up J and Jer.  The following are pictures from around Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Fertility Goddess, Yep, Beth touched it

Isla airport, no planes

 After our golf cart tour of the island, we were treated to a lovely sunset and were ready for the feast the El Milagro staff prepared for our last night.

The staff of El Milagro Marina

It was great food and fun.  Some of the staff even brought their families.  After dinner we all sat around talking until Jamie, Julio, J and I went to help some poor girls at the club down the street that couldn't afford to buy enough clothes.  J and I stayed about an hour but Jamie and Julio stayed to close the place.  Beth and Jer sat on the dock talking until we returned.  Then we all retired to our boats, ready to depart tomorrow.

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