Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday 8/15

The appointment to meet the doctor was at noon.  As in usual fashion, the evaluation began at 12:30.  Dr. Purita was very nice, answering all the questions we had and Jim Bosch was there to further address issues.  The procedure is experimental and results are not guaranteed.  I have done my homework and we are betting with the odds of an 85+% success rate that this procedure will work for me.  The down time will be minimal and while there may be some immediate relief, the actual benefits may not be obvious for a month or two with the final result not visible for 6 months to a year.
The procedure will extract stem cells from my body's fat as well as bone marrow.  The cells will be treated and then injected into my knee joint.  All sounds pretty simple.  The goal is that the stem cells will "take root" and regrow the cartilage in my knee.  As with any procedure there are risks but they are minor compared to the alternative of knee replacement surgery.  The procedure was explained and we were given some literature to read so we wouldn't have any questions. The science behind the procedure is excellent and well documented. Several countries has approved the procedure and many doctors around the world have had very good success.  The USA, in its backward thinking, has not approved any stem cell procedures even after being shown that it does work.  I am sure that stem cell procedures will be eventually approved in this country and these type of procedures could revolutionize medicine.  At this point, I guess we make the leap and see what happens.

After the meeting with the doc, we went by the lab to get blood drawn for the usual tests then on to shopping.  I weighed in a full 25 pounds less than when we left Savannah.  Blood pressure was good and pulse was excellent.  Blood test results won't be available until late tomorrow. We made quite a haul at Wal Mart but are not sure how we will be getting the booty back to the boat in Mexico.  The engine parts that were ordered so long ago have yet to show up.  The companies excuse is that the order wasn't complete and they were waiting to ship everything together.  Fortunately, the parts are not absolutely needed but wanted.  I guess we will figure out how to get them to Mexico once they actually ship.
We came across a Red Lobster and had dinner, then back to the motel and a good nights sleep.

A visit to Bass Pro Shops had an outdoor exhibition.

Beth was astounded at the bathroom and the tiny toilet at WalMart

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