Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I was up early, the knee is doing pretty good considering the abuse I gave it yesterday.  Still a bit swollen and sore but not too bad.  I believe it is better than before the procedure as far as overall pain but the pain is also somewhat different.  I have not taken any anti-inflammatory drugs only Tylenol.  It seems to get a little better each day. 

I installed the new shore water fitting that I broke when I removed the generator to fix the broken support for the arch.  Not a big job but it got quite warm by 9 am and that was it for outside work.  Beth and I got the dogs ready and headed to the vet about 10, Jorge was open and spoke about as much English as we do Spanish.  He was a bit confused on the vaccinations but finally got with the program.  He gave each dog a cursory exam and asked us to stop back by about 2 for the paperwork.  We thanked him and headed back to the marina.

We waited on J and Jerr to return from their presentation and then we were all headed to Cancun to grocery shop.  This would be our last major shopping trip before we leave for Belize.  I have charted our course and schedule and plan to leave this Saturday providing weather isn't an issue and everything is actually ready to go.
There are a few projects I want to get done before we head out. 
At about 1:45 J and Jerr were not back so we headed back to the vet to pick up the paperwork on the dogs. When we got back, they were back and after I made a brief phone call to Belize to try and figure out what to actually do with the paperwork, we headed out.  We went grocery shopping, to Carl Jr's for dinner and wandered around a mall type area for a bit.  I was very surprised to find an outdoor ice skating rink at the mall.

After we finished our shopping we headed back to the marina.  I checked my email and had gotten a reply from the very helpful person I had spoken to in Belize.  Jerlyn Tucker in Belize had provided me with the proper application and things were moving in the right direction.  Beth and I enjoyed a quiet night.

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