Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday - Xcaret

Up early to catch the bus to Xcaret.  Pronounced ish car et, is supposed to be the biggest park in the area.  We got free tickets by attending one of the time share presentations.  It is supposed to be great snorkeling, archeological places, animals and more.  While it has everything it says it does, its just not that great.  The caves, underground rivers and apparently ruins are all man made.  While some of the attractions were interesting, it wasn't anywhere near the level any of us expected.  The snorkeling was bad, the underground river walk was underground but that pretty much sums up the excitement. The boat ride was pitiful but the included meal was quite good.  They do put out a really good spread.  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling too well.  After Beth was sick, then J was sick, I guess it was my turn.  I was sneezing most of the day and could feel it coming on.  By the evening, I was sick.  We stayed to watch the Xcaret Spectacular which is a very good show but the area they have it in has very little open area for a breeze so everyone was hot.  Feeling ill already, being overheated just made it worse and by the end of the show I was ready to die.  The show contains a glossy version of how the Spaniards conquered the Mayans, a great exhibition match of an old Mayan ball game and an excellent fire ball game.  There are performances by numerous people, playing music, lots of dancing and great festivities.  The show may well be worth the price of admission but I would suggest coming to the park about 1pm and staying for the show.  Hint if you ever come, In the main auditorium, sit near the middle entry level. You. get a better view and if there is any breeze you will feel it.  We left during the goodbye song and after about 20 minutes of searching we located our bus home and returned to the marina about 11pm.  Fortunately no disco tonight.

Pictures from around the park and the show.

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