Wednesday, August 17, 2011


With everything in place for Miami and a good nights sleep, I was feeling much better.  I started off the day in the cool hours of the morning working outside the boat.  J helped me take the dinghy off the boat and we turned it upside down on the dock.  I put 5200 on all the bottom seams and will let it sit and cure for the day.  I raised the motor and checked the rudders.  The bottom of the boat has grown a bit of a slime beard and I was able to get the stern done but the rest of the boat will have to wait for another day.  I had planned on actually washing the boat but the dock water was turned off for maintenance until noon and by that time, its too hot to be doing much outside.

We went into town to get the passes so we could snorkel the reef and take care of a few things.  We wandered around a few shops and pictured below is J getting way to familiar with the local topiary.

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